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Bringing together experts about Japan and K-12 teachers in a vibrant online community.
Provider of FREE K-12 Lesson Plans on America's factual, founding principles. Unique U.S. history textbook also available.
WBA Badges for History Education is free, online Common Core professional development for U.S. history teachers.
Bilingual books in 40 languages, DVD, activity kits, and music. Chinese language learning textbooks.
Educating young people about the Constitution and the ideas of America’s Founders.
The Center creates K-12 curricular materials on the principles of democracy.
A range of professional development opportunities designed to support teachers & curriculum directors.
Experience and learn about the American Civil War through tours, workshops, and hands-on experiences.
AFE (at Columbia University) provides FREE professional development and classroom resources in East Asia for educators.
Educational resources to learn all about cotton. Free lesson plans for grades 1 to 8